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Ain’t No Fish in La Paz in January!

Fred’s and Susan’s adventure aboard our powerboat

We found that a rod capable of really long casts with a small jig, retrieved at the fastest pace possible was the trick to catch both the jumping Skipjack and the cruising schools of Dorado. A number of Skipjack and Dolphin also fell to trolled feathers and cedar plugs, as well as something (big!!) that hit a cedar plug and peeled line off at a screaming rate against hard drag for a few minutes before throwing the hook...will always wonder what it was.

Susan also had lots of fun bottom fishing on the hump 8 miles NE of Isla Partida. I was busy there with larger skipjack caught using the vertical jigging method (yo-yo jigging, butterfly jigging, high speed has many names); consisting of dropping the specially shaped jig fast, then put your head down and reel as fast as you can while pumping the rod with each turn of the high speed reel handle...
’til it stops and the line starts screaming out
again or you reach the surface and repeat.
Not to mention the incredible sunsets and
huge packs of Porpoise
that when we drove
near, would stand up to look at us, then turn
to play all around the boat for a while.

We left SeaFortuna anchored a couple days
in a very small cove at the north end of Isla
Partida where we enjoyed watching the seals
play around the boat. Hearing them blow bubbles under the boat and scratching on the anchor chain all night long was not quite as enjoyable, so we ended up opening the main cabin setee into a bed...

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