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Ain’t No Fish in La Paz in January!

Fred’s and Susan’s adventure aboard our powerboat

This would be our first power boat charter, and it came with a 13ft boston whaler
with a 15HP four-stroke as dingy which sounded like a great little boat for exploring and
run-n-gun chasing birds or shoreline fishing in the evenings. We contacted Bob Moore
and picked dates in mid January, then forgot about it ’til the time drew closer.

After family left from the holidays, we started studying the map Bob had sent and
doing online research to get our fishing gear ready. What a shock. We found too many fishing season calendars which foretold basically nothing in season during January. Of course, we also found a number of fishing reports where a few dolphin fish were caught, but mostly it was grouper and snapper season. Not really what we wanted, but what
the heck, the vacation was
already paid for. We left
for vacation with a
feeling, but at least they got beer.

We met Bob, looked the boat over and had a
great lunch at the La Costa restaurant which
is within casting range of the boat. We liked
it so much we had dinner there again on our
first night back.

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