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Ain’t No Fish in La Paz in January!

Fred’s and Susan’s adventure aboard our powerboat

• Troll along the bay walls with metal jigs, and fish small jigs outside the bays cliffs in
50-80 ft of water for grouper.
• Search the bottom in 150 to 300 ft of water for huge blobs of red on the depth sounder which mark schools of maceral or sardines...then vertical jig for the large skipjack and yellowtail that herd those schools. We found them all along the western shore of both islands...there was no magic spot.
• As always look for birds marking schools of bait, though we spotted many schools of skipjack working small baitfish that the birds did not seem interested in.
• If you do no have a good reel for vertical jigging, buy one and bring it, and be sure
to have braided (non-stretch) line on it, as
jigging up from 240 ft of line you will not be
able to get the jig moving correctly with
stretchy mono line. If you do not know what
I am talking about, do a google search for
vertical jigging.
• Always have lines out trolling when you
are moving around, we caught skipjack
and dorado trolling everywhere.

Good luck!

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