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Ain’t No Fish in La Paz in January!

Fred’s and Susan’s adventure aboard our powerboat ended up grabbing one of Bob's boat rods, a heavy spinning rod rigged with about
a 50lb line. The lures were already unpacked so I grabbed a 6OZ surface Tady.

Susan kept an eye on the wake and approached. I cast from the bow and the rod cast
a mile, so had to stop the cast short as it was overshooting the wake. I didn't have time to say "oh drat" (or something similar) about the bad cast as the line kept screaming out like the lure hadn't hit the water yet. Closing the bail let the Dorado know for sure it was hooked so it took to the air. The amount of drag took me by surprise as I hadn't even checked it in the rush to get a cast to the fish. That made for an exciting first fish in
La Paz for me (Susan had already gotten her workout on the Skipjack). A few minutes
later we made the decision to kill the 10-15?
pounder and thus, less than 12 miles from the
slip we already had our meat for the week.
We also decided that there were indeed fish
in La Paz in January, and it only got better.

Over the next few days we caught grouper
trolling metal lures from the Whaler along the
bays where we anchored at night, saw and
cast to jumping Blue and Mako sharks (and
the resulting loss of lures, until we rigged a
rod with wire, then never saw another one) and chased lots of Skipjack schools.

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